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Nurse delivers sister's baby at home | Health

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Nurse delivers sister's baby at home
Nurse delivers sister's baby at home

Nurse: 'It all just sort of happened at once … it was pretty wild'  

When Amanda Van Gorden finished her shift at St. Mary's Hospital on the night of Feb. 16, she envisioned a pretty uneventful evening. But a text from her sister Ashley an hour later would change everything.

"She texted [me] to say her water had broken and wondered if I could take her to the hospital," Van Gorden said.

Ashley's husband had left just a few moments earlier to drop her son off at her parent's house. It was after he left that the contractions started every two to three minutes.

"I [was] almost to her house and she called me wondering where I was," Van Gorden said. "I asked her what was wrong and she said she almost called 911 because she felt like she needed to push."

Van Gorden said she thought she may need to call EMS but as she opened the door to her sister's house, she realized the baby was coming even faster than anyone expected.

"I walk[ed] in her house and I [could] hear her pushing in her bathroom. I dropped everything and ran to her," said Van Gorden. "I first pivoted her on the floor and as I'm on the phone with St. Mary's I saw first the baby’s head and then the face was out and then the baby was out!"

"It all just sort of happened at once … it was pretty wild."

Van Gorden tied the umbilical cord with a shoestring as she and her sister waited for EMS to arrive. Ashley called her husband to let him know their baby boy, Memphis, was born.

"She had to explain things a couple of times to him," Van Gorden recalled.

Van Gorden said Memphis was the first baby she's actually "caught." She's been a nurse at St. Mary's for five years but had only been working in birth suites since July. Van Gorden said she's glad she could be there for her sister.

"She’s one strong mamma and I’m proud of her," Van Gorden said. "Memphis will hear about this story for the rest of his life I'm sure."

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