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Craigslist buyer dupes woman out of $360 camera, police say | Crime

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Craigslist buyer dupes woman out of $360 camera, police say
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Craigslist buyer dupes woman out of $360 camera, police say

Police said a Madison woman was duped in an in-person transaction for a purchase agreement made on Craigslist last week.

The Madison Police Department said a 33-year-old woman posted her GoPro camera for sale on Craigslist and a man who said his name was Meng responded.

He agreed to the selling price of $360, according to the report.

Police spokesman Joel DeSpain said the two met in the parking lot of a burger restaurant just off the Beltline -- on the border of Madison's near west and south sides -- at about 10 p.m. on April 17. The man paid cash, but the woman later learned the bills were fake when she tried to deposit them into her credit union account.

The woman told police the man was Asian, drove a dark-colored BMW and had a woman and a small child with him.

Another Madisonian was scammed with counterfeit bills Tuesday when she tried to sell her laptop on Craigslist and the buyer paid with fake money, Madison police said.

Police have not determined if the cases are related.

“The crimes are similar. What is not similar is the descriptions of the people who were the so-called buyers,” MPD spokesman Joel DeSpain said.

Police advise people who are selling through Craigslist to check the look and texture of the money before accepting it.

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